Most Frequently Asked Questions About DJ Services

Please find below a list of commonly asked questions related to the company and DJ services. The answers serve as a general guide, and base from the most common scenarious encountered when booking or performing at events. We recognize the FAQ may not answer all your questions, so please let use know if you have other specific questions regarding your party.

I know someone who DJs on the side -or- will do it for less. Should I go with him or her instead?

All DJs play music, but that’s where the similarities end. Cheaper DOES NOT mean better! What happens if an inexperienced DJ shows up who doesn’t know wedding protocol, or how to run an event? The DJ plays such a crucial role at an event, and the consequences of hiring the wrong person could be disastrous.  Many have shared horror stories about the DJ not showing up on time (or not at all), cancelling just days before an event with no replacement, few people dancing, people leaving early, problems with equipment or poor sound, the DJ dressed or behaving inappropriately, or playing the wrong song at an important moment. When people look back on your wedding 5 years from now, the DJ’s mistakes should not have to be a part of their memories.  NO price is a good price if it means sacrificing the quality of entertainment. With all that hard work going in to planning the perfect day, is it really worth the risk to hire a DJ on price alone?

Why should I book Festivity Entertainment?

Festivity Entertainment does so much more than play an amazing selection of music. We provide a full-service DJ entertainment experience. That experience starts with asking our clients how they picture that perfect day, and helping them get there. Festivity earned a spot as one of Philadelphia’s Top 10 Wedding DJs because of the hard work that goes in to each event. The DJ spends several  hours preparing for an event before a single song ever gets played. During the event the DJ continues working hard to make your time enjoyable. All the while Festivity promotes a relaxed worry-free environment, giving you peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands. If you want someone who really cares about your special day and works hard for you, then Festivity Entertainment is the right choice.

When should I book my DJ?

We recommend booking your DJ as soon as you book the reception hall. We will certainly do our best to work with someone that doesn’t quite have a date locked in, but dates book fast depending on the time of year. Dates during spring and fall for example fill very quickly. Additionally DJs might book events 6 months to a year in advance, especially weddings. Contact us the moment you’re ready and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

What do I need to do to book Festivity Entertainment?

Contact us through our toll-free number, our website, or by e-mail to speak one-on-one with a staff member. The staff member will explain the entire process from start to finish, answering any questions you might have regarding the booking and planning process.

What kind of experience does Festivity Entertainment have?

The founder of Festivity Entertainment, Chris Rzepski, has performed at over 2,500 parties during the last 20 years. Chris proved himself as a top referral producer working with other reputable DJ companies in the area. Chris has worked in other facets of the entertainment industry, and one of the degrees he holds is in Music and Video Business. Chris founded Festivity Entertainment to take his DJ experience to the next level. He continues to work with local professionals in the industry, and continues to keep a full calendar of bookings. Festivity Entertainment uses and networks with very talented event professionals having comparable experience in the industry.

How much does your service cost?

Festivity prices its services competitively with other reputable providers. We offer attractive packages with up-front pricing to accommodate the needs of our valued customers on a budget, without sacrificing quality. Book our services a-la-carte or in addition to one of our packages. Check out the Services section of our site to find out more and see why one gets a great price for quality DJ entertainment.

What kind of music do you play?

Festivity keeps a regularly-updated music library containing thousands of songs from big band to today’s top 40 hits. Choose your music preferences for genres, titles, artists, and just as important- what NOT to play. You might also decide to have the DJ choose songs that get the dance floor going. Convenient request forms are available to submit your choices, and the DJ is always happy to offer suggestions.

What does the DJ do to setup for the event?

The DJ usually arrives about an hour to 1 1/2 hours before the scheduled start time, and needs access to the facility for setup. The DJ might arrive sooner depending on setup requirements. DJs and banquet facilities work reciprocally, and the DJ will coordinate with the maitre d’ or banquet staff upon arrival. Please let the DJ know if you foresee any special requirements. If someone from the facility needs to speak with us ahead of time, we are happy to oblige.

Does Festivity Entertainment have insurance?

Yes. Most banquet facilities expect entertainers to carry some kind of liability insurance. Festivity Entertainment will furnish a copy of our insurance certificate upon request to the venue.

How does the DJ dress for the event?

The DJ always dresses appropriately for an event. The DJ usually wears a tuxedo for a wedding. Other parties might require a shirt, tie, and pair of slacks. Other parties allow for a pair of khakis and a polo shirt. Still other events are laid back and allow for the DJ to dress down further. Regardless of the event the DJ will maintain a clean-cut, professional appearance.

What kind of equipment does the DJ have?

The DJ uses industry-standard professional equipment. This ensures durability since the equipment gets transported and used often. Average consumer grade equipment is not built for this purpose. We also use digital media along with industry-standard software and controllers for unparalleled performance when playing music.

Do you have a backup system?

Yes, Festivity Entertainment does have a backup system in place. Regardless of who provides the entertainment stuff happens! Equipment going down is a rare occurrence, but nonetheless DJ companies often have someone on call to run spare gear out just in case. However what happens if the on-call person lives an hour away from the event? It might mean not having music or sound for quite some time. No one should ever have to wait an hour with no sound at a wedding because the DJ has a broken cable or amplifier. Worse still what happens if the DJ’s computer or hard drive fails with your first dance on it? The Festivity Entertainment DJ addresses this by bringing enough backup gear, cables, connectors, and tools to fix problems immediately on site (or fix a problem before it becomes a problem). The DJ carries backup computers, hard drives, and CDs in separate bags. We also perform routine maintenance and cleaning of equipment to maximize up time and lessen the chance of problems in the first place.

Should I tip my DJ and provide a meal at the event?

People choose at their discretion to provide meals for event professionals since they work long hours, and tip at the end of the night for a job well-done. Festivity never asks nor requires clients to provide tips, gratuities, or meals to entertainers.  As such we defer questions on if, when, or how much to tip to the many articles and bridal websites. The DJ will work hard and do a good job, and of course is always greatly appreciative of generosity extended by clients.